Vision Mission Strategy



Blue Energy has a vision to become Australia’s leading mid-sized oil and gas exploration and production company and to continue to build the 3P reserve base to 3TCF whilst growing a liquids portfolio from within our recently acquired acreage.


Blue Energy will utilise our own work program to add value plus use adjacent competitor activity to enhance the value of Blue's portfolio wherever possible. In this way, Blue will minimise expenditure of our shareholders' funds, but maximise the benefit of competitor expenditure to Blue Energy.


commercial objectives

  • Achieve commercial gas flow rates
  • Deliver 2P and 3P reserves
  • Continue to undertake work on the Production Licence application process for the Sapphire resource in the Bowen Basin
  • Continuous review of all opportunities that will add shareholder value
  • Add value to assets at the front end exploration phase
  • Maintain excellent safety record

The relationship between Blue Energy and KOGAS is a key strategic alliance  which will enhance the potential for commercial outcomes. Blue Energy’s strong financial and asset position allows the company to negotiate from a position of strength and maximise commercial and shareholder outcomes. Through good Corporate Governance principles, Blue Energy’s Board of Directors will concentrate on demonstrating our ability to commercialise our gas resources.