Greater McArthur Basin

EP199A, EP200, EP205A, EP206, EP207, EP208A, EP209A,EP210A, EP211A

  • 9 contiguous blocks
  • Strong oil and gas potential
  • Blue Energy is Operator, controlling its future direction
Area 111,887kmĀ²
Holding 50% (post farm in)
Targets Cambrian Shale sequence, Cambrian carbonate and clastic sequences, Proterozoic section
Work Completed Completed a regional gravity and aeromagnetic mapping project to understand the basin architecture
Infrastructure Mereenie-Darwin Gas Pipleline, Alice Springs - Darwin Rail line
  • Blue Energy reached an agreement in May 2013 with Australian Oil and Gas Pty Ltd to farm into 9 permits (3 awarded and 6 applications) in the Wiso Basin of Central Northern Territory. Under the agreement, Blue Energy becomes Operator of the permits and will conduct Geological and Geophysical Studies, acquire aeromagnetic and gravity survey data and acquire 2D seismic data.

    The Wiso Basin is an essentially un-explored basin lying to the north of the Amadeus Basin, which contains the Palm Valley gas field and Mereenie gas and oil field. The surface area known to overlie the Wiso Basin is the Tanami Desert region of the Northern Territory.

    Based on geological work conducted by Blue Energy to date, plus that of other Operators and the Northern Territory Department of Mines and Energy, it is clear that the Wiso Basin is in fact a part of the Greater McArthur Basin, where oil and gas discoveries have been established in recent years to the east.

    Analogue basins to the Greater Macarthur Basins occure in Eastern Siberia and Oman (Middle East) which have, by contrast, been extensively drilled and very significant discoveries of oil and gas have been made from these older rocks. Reserves and production from these analogue basins are substantial.

    The older geological sequences have the capacity to house supergiant oil fields and the paleogeography of the Cambrian and Proterozoic ages places these Northern Australian basins in a very attractive neighbourhood for exploration.

Greater McArthur Basin

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